Let the Whole Church Say Amen!: A Guide for Those Who Pray in PublicThis book is for those who have to pray in public. I have decided to work my way through this book and post the exercises to this website.

The first exercise in this very book is about praying without requesting anything just praising God. The texts that we are to read are: Revelation 4:6-11, Revelation 7:9-12, Psalm 8, and Psalm 65. After reading these we are to take a crack at writing out a prayer like this. And here is my first attempt.

Oh Mighty God,

You are worthy of all of the praise that we could possibly give to you. Oh everlasting One who was, is, and is to come, we praise thee for thy mighty power. We praise thee for thy strength. We praise thee for your glory.

Just as the trees wave their hands to thee we reach to heaven. Just as the birds sing praises to thee we open our mouths. Just as the angels of heaven pray, Holy, Holy, Holy, we today lift our voices with the heavenly beings and sing praises to thee.

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  1. Vernetia Miller says:

    Thank you for suggesting this book. Corporate (public) prayer is an area in which I have to strengthen.

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