Preachers Must Be Touched By The Gospel

You have Fed Others, Have you fed yourself?

So you prayed at the beginning of your sermon prep. Asked the Lord to give you a text.

You grabbed your Bible and read for the context.

You grabbed commentaries and tried to fill in what you couldn’t figure out from the text alone.

You listened to what other preachers and scholars had to say on the text…

Then you packaged it all together in a nice package.

After that, you stood up before the people and preached with power…

Then you, thought of another sermon and got back on the sermon preparation treadmill again.

Sermon to Sermon…week to week…

And you feel empty…

You want to know where God is.

You want to meet the God you preach about every week.

What’s going on?

One of the biggest problems that preachers have is that they often only read the Bible and only pray when they are preparing a sermon. They study for a sermon, they don’t study to feed their own soul. They pray to get help for their sermon, but they don’t pray to get help in dealing with their hurts and pains and their own needs.

They pray and study to help others, but never get around to praying and studying to help themselves and their own families…

You did well in saturating your sermon in prayer, but preacher, if you are gonna survive in the battle, you are gonna need to saturate your life in prayer. What did Paul say? 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, “Pray without ceasing.”

You did well in praying for a sermon, now pray for a life. You did well in studying to get that proclamation together, now study to get that life together.

One of my former pastors used to always pray, “Lord, save us with the same Gospel we preach to others.”

Today, I ask you to get that sweet-smelling Gospel warm from the oven in heaven and take a bite before you tell others how good it tastes…

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