472px-First_Iwo_Jima_Flag_RaisingDr. Brad Braxton told me many times with various levels of earnestness, “Sherman, if you are going to preach, you are going to have to have courage.”

I must admit that my questions often warranted that answer. This courage is a courage to tell the truth in season and out of season. Today there are many temptations to go along with the lies of this world. There are false gospels that desire our preaching time. The false gospel of “prosperity” beckons us with promises of big churches and fat bank accounts. The false gospel of “cheap grace” pushes us towards a powerless gospel that sounds good but helps no one. There are many false gospels in the world, but Got calls us to the narrow way. We simply cannot preach God’s truth without being courageous. Our human nature my recoil at the thought of preaching it and we may be fearful, but we have no alternative but to preach it.

Let us evaluate ourselves as preachers to see if we are simply trying to get a “shout” or attempting to usher the people into the transformative presence of an almighty God.

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