crowdPerhaps you have seen this kind of preacher. She or he speaks with great conviction attacking sin with power. The preacher will often say words like “you may not like it…but I have to tell you” or “I’m gonna preach it anyway…” Sometimes it is really difficult to distinguish this preacher from some of the powerful courageous preachers of the Gospel who may use the same words. However, when one looks closer, we find that some of these preachers are simply going with the majority and really preaching what is easy.

You know the preacher who preaches against the “traditional music lovers” while in the company of a “contemmporary church,” but has nothing to say on the matter while visiting the “traditional church” across town. The preacher who seemingly courageously attacks “legalism” in a church that is reveling in promiscuity and open sin, but has little to say about the same “legalism” when in a congregation that is steeped in Pharisaical belief and action. They talk tough about the law when Grace is needed by the hearer and talk tough about Grace when law is needed.

Sometimes by preaching that which is not needed by your congregation, you can appear to look tough, but are really reinforcing bad beliefs and behavior. It is almost beyond belief that some ministers would even attempt to appear “prophetic” while simply preaching the congregation’s party line.

No! part of our job as preachers in a congregation is to diagnose the problems and issues in a congregation and then to allow the truth of God to transform and heal those problems. It will probably ruffle some feathers, it may upset some folks, it may put your job in jeopardy, but God placed you in your congregation to do a job. If we are too busy feeding our congregation that which is not needed under a veil of alleged courage, we will simply weaken our congregation. God called you to preach, don’t be a “echo” of your congregation’s status quo.

4 thoughts on “Preaching That is an Echo Of The Status Quo

  1. I believe one of the important jobs of a preacher is to transform the minds of the congregation to awaken from deep slumber on their present situation that needs improvement – spiritually, physically, materially, etc.

  2. This is very good and so very true. I know of a Pastor that has this techinque and now some members of the congregation are feeling defeated and beat down. This is so helpful to know and to learn.

    Thank you

  3. Sylvester Warsaw, Jr. says:

    It is my conviction one thing that is lacking in many Pastors is that they don’t have a Pastor’s heart. Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him to feed His sheep. We forget that the operative word is love. One shouldn’t never apologize for preaching the unadulterated Word of God out of and through love. When you love you want what’s best for that person. You can’t preach the Prophetic Word of God if you don’t love with the heart that God loves with. It’s the power of the Word of God with love that transforms live through the work of the Holy Spirit. Jeremiah wept because of his love first and foremost for God and then his people. One preaches what people want to hear when there’s no love.

  4. Ptr Rizal Asuncion says:

    Our world is full of sinful thoughts, ideas, acts and practices. Preachers are never short of sinful issues to confront. Preachers are lights of the earth to show the worldly darkness even if it hurts worshipers. If a hearer is hurt with the message, it means that he or she is touched and convicted, and tends to be changed for the better. The preacher is the salt of the earth as well called to preserve our present decaying societies with the truth of the word of God delivered with love. Truly, Preachers must attach every sin of the world. This is the primary task of Preachers from Jesus.

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