The next pattern that Ronald Allen speaks of is the Wedding Homily. Allen notes that the purpose is to “help the community interpret marriage and its relationship with the larger community from the standpoint of the gospel.” The congregation is to experience the Gospel in the context of these two people who are coming together.

The key points are that:

  • This is not a private message to the bride and groom, but one for the whole community.
  • It is two pronged. How does the Gospel help this couple relate in marriage, and how can the community learn about God from this marriage.
  • Pastor can draw from the experience of the couple or family and their experience in the community. This will strengthen the bonds of community.
  • The Preacher can help the new couple to understand the realities of life. (Life is not all unending bliss) This can help those others in the community who are facing hardship in some way. The community and the couple should realize that even in the midst of trouble, God is there. That God is a way-maker.

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