Preachers must know themselves, if they are going to be effective preachers of the Gospel. Why is this? The reason is that many preachers can fall into the trap of preaching only to themselves rather than preaching to the people.

What am I talking about? I am talking about preachers who spend too much time talking about their problems preaching only to things they need to overcome or attacking their enemies. So if a particular preacher has a problem with lying, they may be more inclined to believe that this is a universal problem in the church. Other preachers may have a problem with marital infidelity. When this is their problem some preachers may fall into the trap of preaching as if marital infidelity is running rampant in their church.

If a preacher is being attacked by members, suddenly they believed that people have a problem with attacking God’s anointed. If a preacher desires a particular project or program, anyone who disagrees is fair game to be attacked from the pulpit as one who is against the progress of the Kingdom of God. All of these are examples of preachers using the pulpit to promote their own agenda rather than God’s agenda of healing, ministry, and yes sometimes even prophetic engagement.

However preachers must do their best to understand what are the real problems and where is God leading in the church. Then let this guide what you are to preach. God has called us as preachers to not just preach to our own needs, but to preach what the whole congregation needs to hear.

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