The Devotional Daily Bible: Read Through the Complete Bible in One YearMany people make resolutions to read the Bible through in the incoming year. Well we are about to start another year and I thought I would do a quick roundup on the tools that are out there to help you read the Bible in 2007.


One interesting tool is the website DailyBible.Com This website provides links to Good News, King James, and Contemporary English Versions. The readings are set up in a short 5 minute reading and a longer 20 minute reading which allows you to read the whole Bible in a year.

Back to the Bible includes a number of Bible Reading Plans. You can read the Bible in chronological order, historical order, beginning to end, and other plans. You simply click the link that takes you to the days reading.

You can also get the Discipleship Journal’s Bible Reading Plan. This is one that you print out and check the box when you have completed the reading. There is two NT readings and one OT reading every day.


The nice thing about computer programs is that you can generate your own Bible Reading Plan. One very good such program is the free Reading Planner. It comes in Palm-OS as well as Windows. I use it on my Palm-OS machine and it automatically kicks off my Bible program (PalmBible+ another free program).

Let’s say you want to read the NT in three months. You simply program it and the plan is created. A daily checkbox is there to show that you did it. Maybe you want to read the book of Psalms in a year. Once again it creates it for you. Maybe you think that a year is a bit ambitous to read the Bible and you instead make 1 year and 3 months. Once again the program does it for you. This software is great to take away all of our excuses. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

Hard Copy and EMail

I just found this interesting link that will send you an email with your reading for the day. You simply sign in and choose your version and the plan. They have some of the most common english trasnations. You can choose KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, and RSV, and a few others.

They even have Bibles that are split up in daily readings. I went to my Christian bookstore and saw a number of such Bibles in many translations.

You also might be interested in this link that has a number of Bible Reading Plan Links. So go ahead and find some method that works for you and get into some significant reading of the Bible. It will give power to your preaching and bring you closer to God.

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