Lingamish has a post up where he decries what he calls “seed-picking” in sermon presentation. Here the preacher jumps from text to text quickly and without giving proper attention to background and the context of the texts used.

we all have heard these sermons…In John it says, and turn over to Ezekiel, and this agrees with Genesis. Usually these sermons lose all context and ends up just being a mismatch of texts.

Lingamish suggests preaching only from one text to get past this problem. I would tend to agree although one text is a bit restrictive. I would suggest preaching one piece of scripture (however you define “piece”) and leave that “piece” very few times.

It is always a problem to break off a chunk of texts that is too many for a sermon, but it is a greater problem when the chunk of texts are strung together from many different parts of the Bible and many different genres of the scripture.

Go on over and read Lingamash’s good post.

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