In this post we continue looking at the top 10 selling preaching books bought through this site.

Practical Theology for Black Churches: Bridging Black Theology and African American Folk ReligionThe fifth book is Practical Theology for Black Churches: Bridging Black Theology and African American Folk Religionwritten by Dale Andrews. This is actually his PhD disseratation modified for publication. There are some difficult portions of the book, but in general it provides a good look at the split between academic Black Theology and the Black Churches. I think it is a valuable look at why this split has taken place and how we can bridge the gulf between the two.

Interpreting God\'s Word in Black PreachingThe fourth most pupular book is Interpreting God\’s Word in Black Preaching by Warren Stewart. Here is a link to a Review that I did for the book on another site. The book points to holistic liberation as the objective of African American hermeneutics for preaching. In addition the preacher should support and challenge the people. Also, the Black Preacher should create a living experience with the word. These and other insights are in the book. I would suggest that you get ahold of this book as well. You can find them used for less than 5 bucks on occassion. This is a short but powerful book that can help the preacher look at the Bible itself like a Black Preacher.

Power in the Pulpit: How America\'s Most Effective Black Preachers Prepare Their SermonsThe third most popular book is Power in the Pulpit: How America\’s Most Effective Black Preachers Prepare Their Sermons by Cleo LaRue. This book is a compilation of chapters by Black America’s giants of preaching. There is Charles G. Adams, Charles E. Booth, H. B. Charles, Prathia Hall, Zen Holmes, Carolyn Ann Knight, Joe Samuel Ratliff, Cheryl Sanders, J. Alfred Smith, Gardner Taylor, William Watley, and Ralph West. In Each Chapter the preacher describes her or his method of putting a sermon together. This is very interesting. Finally a sermon from each preacher is included. I found it very helpful to see the methods that some of the Princes of the Pulpit use.

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