The next pattern found in Allen’s book Preaching Patterns is the jigsaw sermon. Here the sermon is split up into small pieces that are related to each other but the congregation can’t see the connections till much later in the sermon.

The preacher slowly through trial and error places the pieces of the sermon together. Allen gives an example of Daniel. One could discuss each element in the vision and then at the end of the sermon speak to the vision as a whole.

Another approach is to look at a story from two or three different vantage points in the sermon. For example if you have 3 characters you can look at the topic of the sermon from those three different characters before putting it all together at the end.

This process will help the people to see that there are different ways of getting into a doctrine. However if one is not careful, the preacher could leave more questions in the congregation than they had in the beginning of the sermon.

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