Something within me that holdeth the reins.
Something within me that banishes pain;
Something within me I can’t explain,
All that I know, there is something within me.

We often think of the Christian life in terms of what God will give us materially. We hear preachers speak of food on the table and a house and a job. We hear about how God will make you successful on your job or take you to the correct job if you lose that one.

However, one of the greatest gifts God has given to you is that “something” that is within you. That “something” that guides and directs you. That “something” that tells pain to stand back. That “something” that keeps you stable in an unstable world. I can’t really explain that “something”, but God has placed this “something” within you.

Today as we seek to live the life of God, let us keep in mind this great gift that God has given to us which is simply this “something” within.

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