I am having a ball looking at some of this classic gospel from the 60s. In this video the late great Dorthy Love Coates and the Gospel Harmonettes sing You Must Be Born Again. Coates looks like a preacher with her expressive gestures especially the facial features. She definitely lets her excitement and her identification with the music come through.

Can we as preachers learn from Gospel Singers? I think so. We should learn how the gospel singer becomes the message that is to be presented. Have we fully identified with the message? In addition we can let that identification show in our presentation.

1 thought on “Learning to Preach from Gospel Singers

  1. Roger B. Abuloc says:

    It is a pity that the video has been removed and I was not able to view the rendition of the song “You Must Be Born Again.” But truly most gospel singers, and even in the secular world, render their song as though it is their own story to tell with emotion. This is also true in rendering our sermon to our church. We should feel the word of truth in our delivery.

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