The Unashamed Workman has a short article where the editor quotes John Stott answering the question what should the people remember from our sermon?

He writes:

“They [the congregation] will not remember the details. We should not expect them to do so. But they should remember the dominant thought, because all the sermon’s details have been marshalled to help them grasp its message and feel its power.” (John Stott)

I would also add that this one point should convey the behavioral purpose of the sermon. The people should know what you were trying to say and why you were trying to say it.

Sometimes we can leave people in the dark as to big picture. They lose track of why you tell a story and only remember the story, or they lose track of why you cracked that joke and only remember that they laughed. However, like Stott says, all the details of the sermon are to drive home that main point with its accompanying purpose. If we do that, we do well…

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