Baseball_diamond_marinesBible Teaching is not about simply transferring information.  It includes that, but it also includes changing the lives of the people you have been called to teach the Word to.  Rick Blackwood, in his article The Power of Multi-Sensory Preaching, uses a baseball metaphor to speak about the objective of the Bible teacher.

On first base is gaining the attention of the congregation.  Here the teacher must gain the attention of the people.  The teacher must order the lesson so that the people will desire to hear the message.  This is valuable to keep in mind.  You can do this with an effective introduction.  If you don’t gain them early, you can’t do much anything else.  This is your first step.

The second base is getting the people to comprehend the message.  People must fully understand what you presented if it is going to be effective.  It should be totally clear.  Bible teachers should make sure that people understand as the next step after gaining their attention.

The third base is helping the people to retain the message.  It is one thing to be interested, it is another thing to understand the message, but it is important to be able to remember the message.  As Bible communicators we must be in a position to help people remember the message.  I would argue that celebration is the natural outgrowth of comprehending the message of truth and that it aids in retaining the message.

Then we reach home plate when the people practice the message.  We can never be happy just with people hearing the good news.   Our purpose is transformation of people by helping them to practice what has been presented in the powerful word of God.

So effective Bible teachers should gain the attention of the people, move towards comprehension of the message, and then help them retain the message.  Finally, we present in such a way that the people will practice the message.  That way our messages will make a difference in the day to day lives of our people.

1 thought on “The Bible Teacher’s Great Objective

  1. Jimmy Stanfield says:

    Amen! The retention part seems to be the most difficult. I find that I have to teach some things over and over and over again. Good sermon illustrations help people to remember and help move the sermon from text to application of the text in our lives. Also people remember catchy phrases if they aren’t forced or anything.

    Above all, the power of the Holy Spirit quickens the Word to the hearer. I saw an old episode of 700 club a while back that had Corrie ten Boom, the concentration camp survivor. Pat Robertson was interviewing her and she barely said a few words and the whole audience began to tear up. Pat Robertson was in tears, I was even in tears just watching and all she really did was quote Romans 5:5 and talk a little about it. I was wondering why I was crying and suddenly it dawned on me that It wasn’t what she said or how she said it, it was the convicting presence of the Holy Ghost! All the artistry in the world doesn’t make up for a lack of Holy Ghost conviction!

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