800px-Thunderstorm_-_NOAAMost preachers are susceptible to either obliterating the uniqueness of our Christian teaching in relating it to humanity, or ignoring the practicality of the doctrines by preaching it in a way that is irrelevant to daily living.

Some of us preach as if our doctrines are not at all related to human living. We ignore the fact that if the doctrines that we preach is to change and transform it must touch and relate to our people in their daily lives. When we make this mistake, we preach long didactic sermons about the trinity or other important doctrines, but we don’t let people know how knowing these things make us different. We end up with people who may know “intellectually” what should be believed, but don’t really know “experientially” how these things make any difference at all.

However, there are others who in an attempt to be practical, totally ignore these important doctrines. These are the ones who end up preaching a vacuous message that has no depth. It often ends up with a sappy “Jesus” that does not make any demands on humanity.  This is the Jesus that does not “judge” anybody and has the ability to forgive our sins, but cannot “cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  (1 John 1:9).  This error ends up with people going home shouting but not able to confront any real problems of their lives becuase you as the preacher have not prepared them for real life.

There is a third way, a road that seeks to teach the truth of the doctrines.  This is important, it is these things that identify us.  However, it is also important to demonstrate how these doctrines are important for daily living.    So I encourage you, don’t dumb down the message!  But also don’t leave the message unrelated to daily living.  If you preach a substantive message and relate it to your peoples real life, then they will be ready and able to fight the conformity that seeks to mold all of us who live in this world. (Romans 12:2).

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Relating Doctrine to Experience

  1. Rev. Gerald R Zollar says:

    While there is biblical doctrine it is missed in favor of religious denominational doctrine that leads people to think of denomination as “faith”.
    People then get why and no how.
    On the other hand how with the why being thought of as too “technical” and boring.
    I try to bring them together in my sermons and I hope with success.

  2. I recently preached in a church where I used the Lectionary scripture and this was very exciting to allow Jesus to pull me out of the box and to hear His words to go out and give doctrine and life application. I used all four of the Doctrine articles as resources. Praise God,I was invited back to preach the next month. Thank you again for taking on the burden to help us minister to others through Gospel preaching.

  3. Minister Andrews says:

    Genesis 1:26 says: Then GOD said “Let US make MAN in our image; after OUR likeness.
    At this very point, God had already created the animal kingdom and was about to create the highlight of creation. GOD was not speaking to the animal kingdom, HE was speaking to GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT.
    To fully understand the text, one would have to appreciate the heart of God as it relates to RELATIONSHIP. GOD’s only method of introducing HIMSELF to mankind was relative to human beings. A part of creation that man would be able to relate to. Had GOD used any other part of creation MAN would not have been able to learn who ALMIGHTY GOD is. It is only through the human experience that we are able to learn who GOD is, who WE are and WHOSE we are. To abandon the experience of the human element makes us devoid of the intimacy shared in the trinity. That essential oneness that Jesus prayed for in John 17.

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