It is indispensable for worship planning.

It is a repository of the greatest thoughts in Christian history.

Just about everybody has one and some folks got their from the church no matter how many times the pastor says stop taking it!

Some churches don’t use them anymore, but they still use its contents which will live on forever.

What am I talking bout?

I’m talking bout the preacher’s secret weapon. I’m talking about the one book that many of you are not using as much as you should.

Yep, I’m talking bout the one book that is full of illustrations and poems that will drive your sermon home in many ways.

What am I talking bout?

I’m talking about the one book that you need to have after you have a Bible.

I’m talking about the Hymnal.

The Hymnal? I can hear many of you asking.

Some of you think the hymnal is a relic of the past as we move on to praise songs or other music.

I like all kinds of music too, but I ain’t talking about singing, I’m talking about preaching. The hymnal will help your preaching.

And if you want to bring in those praise songs and Gospel songs, they can help too.
Yes, the Hymnal. It is the preacher’s secret weapon. And if you learn how to use it you will be well on the way to taking your preaching to the next level.

The hymnal tells you which songs go with which texts. The hymnal tells you which themes go with which Bible texts. The Hymnal tells you what songs have informed and nurtured Christians for centuries.

The hymnal is your secret weapon. If you ain’t used it in a while. Pull it out. Yes pull it out and use it in your sermon preparation.

I actually use it in my exegesis and I talk about that a little in my white paper, Four Waves of Biblical Exegesis. You can find out about that here:

But whether you use my document or not, your preaching will take on more depth when you use that secret weapon, The Hymnal.