I am a planter which means that I have the duty of tilling the soil. I literally have to break the soil, and turn what was up, over so that it is down. They reverse things when necessary. Likewise, I have the task of placing what was down and under the earth up and on top. Likewise, I have to take that which is up and put it down.

I have to turn things upside down. To put it simply, I have to upset the equilibrium. I have to be a trailblazer if that is necessary. I have to just put things on their head. This can cause some problems for those who are attached to the status quo. This can upset those who are used to business as usual. In fact this will ruffle feathers, but if I am to take my job as pastor/planter seriously, I must till the soil.

Some of the things we as a church prioritize and major in are minor, minute, and moot issues. It has been my job as a planter to turn those things that were up, those things that were priorities upside down and reverse them until the right priorities are realized and the right perspective is achieved.

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