Do you want to gain access to seminary and Bible school level education online? There are a number of inexpensive options. However, there are also some completely free options. For example, why not try the Biblical Training website or


This website has a large number of Lay-level, Bible-College Level, and Seminary-level courses. The courses consist of the lectures given by credentialed professors to students. This is actually a goldmine of information for the new preacher who has not had the opportunity to study apologetics, Christian history, homiletics, theology, and even Biblical studies. There are even Bible language courses. So head on over to Bible Training to get the information.


The next website is the Quartz Hill School of Theology. BiblicalTraning provides audio lectures, but this one provides text lectures as well as the assignments and syllabi for various courses. Once again you have access to apologetics, Christian history, homiletics, theology, Bible studies, and Bible language courses. There are a large number of very helpful courses here.


Many preachers have not had access to Seminary education. The great thing about the web is that you can now gain access to much of this information with a click of a button. I am sure that there are other resources, if you know of any, do not hesitate to email them to me so that I can post links to them.

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