Preachers are called to tell the truth. In this respect they are in the line of the Biblical prophets who had to tell truth to power. They had to say, like Nathan, thou art the man.

Bailout of the Super-Rich

This past week, the Senate and the House of the United States rushed together to push through a 700 billion dollar bill to support wall street and avert a collapse of the United States economy. The bill would help to bailout Wall Street executives who had engaged in unregulated speculations and had lost. To keep them from going down, the democratic congress and the republican executive branches rushed to essentially place a tab on the middle class to pay for a bailout of the super rich.

This bill made no mandates to help the poor and middle class retain their homes when this economic downturn will certainly cause others to lose them. This bill only makes an assumption that helping the super rich, who are largely to blame for the fiasco, will keep the economy afloat.

Preacher Must Tell the Truth

The preacher must stand up and be counted. The bill is a stench in the nose of God. If you are going to spend 700 billion dollars, why can’t some of that money go to those who are lower down the totem pole? Why can’t some of that money go to support the educational aspirations of the masses? Why can’t some of that money go to build up an infrastructure outside of the economic elites whose recklessness caused this issue?

Well God will not be silent forever for the Bible says that the riches of the powerful will become corrupted and their garments will become moth-eaten. Yes their riches will be a witness against the rich according to James 5:1-5. And one day the merchants will cry because there will be no one to buy their goods (Revelation 18:11).

Lord of Hosts Hears

American cannot continue to prop up the greed of the super rich at the expense of the aspirations of the poor and middle class. Yes the cries of the workers who have worked their whole lives only to find that the greed of the super-rich has eliminated their retirement goes up to the ears of the “Lord of Hosts.” (James 5:4)

Lord Help Us…

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