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Brother Sherman,

I never heard of the

Sermon what is this type of sermon?

Good question…

I actually speak a bit more on this in the supercharge your sermons system which you can find out about at: http://www.superchargeyoursermons.net

But here is the basic idea…it is based on Hagel’s dialectic.

The Thesis is simply a statement of a truth like “God is Love.”

The Antithesis is the negation of the statement. It is a reaction to the statement. Let’s say something like, “All the pain in the world, how can we say that God is love.

The synthesis reconciles both the thesis and the antithesis to come up with a deeper understanding of the truth.

Your sermon is the synthesis of the two.

In preaching this can start with a statement from theology or even from your text. “God never allows more on you than you can bear.” A statement.

The antithesis is often some questions and realities from the real world. Something like “Some people lose their mind and have psychotic breaks due to not being able to deal with situations that happen in their lives.

The synthesis would expand and alter our understanding of the thesis in light of the realities of the antithesis.

This kind of preaching works best when you have two truths that seem to contradict one another.

Note I said seem to.

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