Paul Reid asks this question in his blog. He answers integrity, faithfulness, intelligible, and humility. These are truly good qualities to ask of onesself when the preacher steps into the pulpit, but a couple of things came to my mind. Are these required however is a good question. I have heard powerful sermons by preachers who were not the least bit humble. And integrity is a powerful word. Can any of us really say that we are true to the message that we preach? I would say that we either water down the gospel or we fall short in some ways.

Many preachers no matter how clear they tried to be find out when they stand at the door after the service and the people tell them about the parts that touched them learn that the people either gained a point not made by the preacher or made a minor point major. Makes one wonder about intelligibility. Can we really be understood?

But then as I reflect more on it I begin to realize that great preaching happens when I make all of my attempts by seeking to be a faithful preacher of the gospel. Then God steps in and makes up for my own and the hearers deficiencies. To God be the Glory…

So let us keep on striving to be a great preacher preaching great sermons, but let us depend on the God who makes something out of nothing to take what we bring and turn it into what God would have spoken at this time and at this place.

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