Seth Goodin talks about how he used to go to Tower Records but now goes to and thus does not really care about the closing of Tower Records. He notes how he doen’t go to the bank or even use the classified Ads when looking for jobs. Something has replaced these things and they are no longer useful.

They Like to Never Quit Praisin\' God: The Role of Celebration in PreachingI began to wonder about our preaching. Will one miss our preaching when we are gone? Frank Thomas tells the story of a layperson who remembed a sermon that was preached years before. That sermon illustrated the gospel so vibrantly that the people celebrated the good news and remembered it years later.

What happened? I think we saw a combination of style and substance that integrated together in a creshendo of praise. It may not happen every week, but if one is preaching the good news, sometime some way somebody will catch a glimpse that they will remember and live by.

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