Are you ready? You should always have a sermon ready to preach.

“Hey Doc, I’m gonna put you on the program.”

My Vanderbilt Divinity School classmate told a few us about an encounter at a church he was visiting.

This was not out of the ordinary as many of us have had similar occurrences. The pastor would bring us up and we would read a scripture or announce a hymn, or perhaps give the morning prayer.

“Then the time for scripture came and passed. I sat up there wondering what was going to happen. The time for the hymn passed. The time for announcements passed.”

I am sure my classmate was beginning to come to the realization of what was fixin to happen.

“And then the pastor got up and announced me as the preacher for the morning.”

We all had a good laugh as our classmate told the story…

While it is a bit humorous, it has happened to many of us. We are asked to give a Word when we didn’t know we were going to preach.

So what do you do?

The only thing I can say is to be ready…

The old preachers used to say that preachers always have a sermon in the Bible. What that meant is that at any time, in any place, be ready with a ready word.

Have that word tucked in your Bible.

And be ready to preach it!

Some of us don’t have a ready pulpit. Some of us don’t preach every week. But when the time comes, the people don’t want to hear no excuses.

They have come knowing that life has put their back against the wall and they desperately need to hear the good news. They have come with their rent due and they need to hear about what God can do.

They have come after a week of hearing a diagnoses that causes the doctor to shake his head…

They have come needing a word of life…

And providence has tapped you on the shoulder…

All I am saying is you claim to be called, so be ready…

So what happened with my classmate? Well he preached. He was ready. He preached a powerful word of truth. The people were blessed and ready to confront another week of life.

This here is one of the reasons why I specifically created the Supercharge Your Sermons System. My goal is to train 10K preachers of every ethnicity and denomination and gender in the principles of the African American Preaching Tradition. When you learn the principles, you will be ready, in season and out of season to preach a word of truth. Check it out at