Remember those infomercials about “MEGA-MEMORY?” Kevin Trudeau wrote spoke about learning some techniques to strengthen one’s memory. After seeing the thing for years, I finally purchased the system off of ebay for a big reduction in cost.

After working through the system, I realized that while Trudeau’s claims were extravagant at times, his system did actually work to improve your memory. I then researched and saw that these memory techniques were used by the ancients to memorize even long speeches. In addition, I saw that the techniques that Trudeau spoke of in cheap book form by other authors. One that I particularly like is by Tony Buzan. In the next couple of weeks we will look at these memory techniques specifically applying them to preaching in general and preaching without notes in particular.

You might want to purchase a memory book like Use Your Perfect Memory or even the book form of Kevin Trudeu’s system that introduced me to memory techniques.

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