How do you address the emotions of the people correctly? Is it futile to try? Elder Cox answers that question as well as describes his concept of “allowing the content to shout.” How do you do that? In this audio, Elder Cox gives you those principles.

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11 thoughts on “Audio 38 – Allowing the Content To Shout In Preaching

  1. Spencer L. Miller says:

    Dr. Martin L. King, Sr. better known as “Daddy King” used to say that, “If you like you have to holler let them know what’s hurting you”. Preaching out of burden is a manner allowing the content to shout during the course of a sermon.

  2. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:

    I like that…I am gonna use that quote from “Daddy King” again. Thanks for your contribution…

  3. Rev T. Shelton says:

    Thank you for continuing on this spiritual battlefield. I have but one question presently: Are you planning, at some later time, to re-post the webinar on the Libronix system?

  4. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:

    Thank you for your encouragement. If I can find it I will send it to you. I seem to have misplaced the seminar. At any rate, I do plan to do some more Libronix stuff in that I have gone completely over to using the system rather than using it in addition to other systems…

    Stay Tuned…

  5. Sylvester Warsaw, Jr says:

    Elder Cox, I, agree with you that the content should do the shouting because the sermon must hit the preacher first before it hit the congregation. We must remember that the Holy Spirit is the preacher and we are the vessel. We must preach to the heart. The heart is where we live, where the pain is, the issues of life that affect us as a people in this world but not of this world. It is out of the issues of the heart that causes us to desperately seek to hear a word from and encounter the Living Lord Jesus in the sermon. God works in and through our personality and that includes our intellect as well as our emotions. We all express ourselves differently. While in seminary, I, had the privilege to meet and talk with the Rev. Dr. Gardner Taylor and he told us seminarians that sermon preparation started Sunday and that preaching is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration meaning you had to spend time in prayer with Jesus and the living inspired Word of God.

  6. Pastor Allen J. Sims Sr. says:

    Elder Cox, I agree with you 100%. We were taught at Selma University that your sermon content, if you prepare it right, will make its own gravy. Therefore you want have to try and make it at the end.

  7. Frederick D. Harris says:

    As I understand concept on “Letting the content Shout”; don’t see myself preaching in any other manner than using all the gifts He has given me to get His message across to His people. Again as I understand experiential preaching, the preacher is attempting to engage himself not only with the message, but also with the listener as it pertains to the full spectrum of humanity.

  8. Thank you for a timely and truthful teaching. I am encouraged because I really feel like God has called me to engaging others to action rather than preaching them to pause.

  9. Just I left the theological semianary, and now I am pastor of churches in Romania. Very helpful for me, your teaching about preaching, I never heard this errors, and practical goods about preaching. God bless you, and keep on in (preaching)teaching us.

    Tibor,,Romania, Europe

  10. This was a great audio. I can relate to the person who asked the question in the audio. For me I get quite distracted with the whooping especially when it is word empty. When I am preparing my messages I hear the Spirit say “let me do this you’re the vessel.” Thanks for the teaching.

  11. I am so tired of being yelled at, to the point when I hear it on TV or radio, I change the channel. Give me something sound, that I can hold onto, in the time of the storm.

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