Have you Got Good Religion. Cert’ly Lord
Have you Got Good Religion. Cert’ly Lord
Have you got good Religion.
Cert’ly, Cert’ly, Cert’ly Lord

One cannot read this spiritual without recognizing the genuine joy that comes from the singer. The singer knows that good religion is possessed and is sure of that possession. When the strength of these facts hits the singer, joy comes forth.

As the sinner, the singer recognizes that the singer does not earn this good religion that is possessed. This is evident from the knowledge that comes from other verses, being redeemed and being baptized.

The singer knows that good religion is not deserved, but that does not change the fact that it is possessed. This knowledge cannot help but bring triumphant joy which is demonstrated the shouting of, “Cert’ly, Cert’ly, Cert’ly Lord.”

If you got good religion, and you know you got good religion, then the joy of celebration will break forth. All too often sober and restrained demeanor is seen as the epitome of religion. Nevertheless, when the facts of the Gospel are clearly stated and the people realize their own need for something greater than themselves and finally, the people recognize that God has provided that something, then joy will break forth. This celebration is demonstrated in the myriad of ways that God’s people celebrate God, but it will break forth.

One must be careful to base the celebration on truth and not error. The singer is sure of the good religion possessed before the shouting. The singer has been to the pool and been redeemed.

The singer is not celebrating for show. The singer knows the death that is deserved, but the singer knows of the salvation that is presented. This salvation calls forth praise.

Do I allow the truth of salvation to permeate me to the point of celebrating that good religion? Do I enjoy the life of Salvation? I can and I should.


Oh Lord, I ask that you would break the shackles of conformity that keep me from celebrating the good religion that you have given to me. Thank you for the good religion. Help me to feel and to celebrate the good religion. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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