Kathy Black provides a helpful distinction in her book A Healing Homiletic: Preaching and Disability. She speaks of the difference between what she terms “Cure” and “healing” on pages 50-51. She writes:

Cure is the elimination of at least the symptoms if not the disease itself, Healing, on the other hand, has many meanings attached to it.

Often preachers use the two terms interchangeably. We talk about cure as if it is the only way that healing comes. However, there are healing moments or even healing presences that bring peace to the afflicted one without necessarily bringing cure. In nother words the one who is afflicted with blindness can experience healing even in the midst of the disorder. The one who is dying of cancer can experience healing even while dying.

As preachers we are preachers of grace. We believe that God always can bring some good out of evil. We believe that even in the midst of pain and heartache God is there doing something redemptive. It is important, as preachers, to still preach grace even though Grandma may still die. It is important to present the assurance of grace even though the doctor may shake her head. It is important to recognize that God still is a healer even though God may not necessarily always cure. Never allow the sermon to end without providing this assurance that God is a healer.

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