A preacher was addressing a youth day service and decided to really make an attempt to get into the mindset of the youth. He wore the clothes of the youth. He attempted to speak the language of the youth.

Incidentally, his sermon didn’t seem to be particularly address the youth. The sermon was simply a regular sermon, but it was addressed to the youth because of the clothes and the jargon as we see in this cartoon.

But often such attempts to address the youth only elicit a snicker of derision before slipping into ignoring the message. Really addressing the youth would require taking the truth that you know and finding a way to translate it into something understandable by the youth. Incidentally, that is your problem every week. You are to translate the message into something that is understandable by the people.

So pull your pants up and speak in the language that you understand. But attempt to address the people not with a surface understanding of their issues, but with a deeper attempt to connect with them. Your people will probably appreciate it…Tell me what you think in the comments.

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