soulpreach2We are always looking somewhere else. We are always pushing to go somewhere else. Life seems to be about planning for some event in the future. It might be graduation, wedding, anniversary, reunion, and yes even retirement. We look forward to the day we will be debt free or the day our kids move out the house or the day our kids come to visit or the day everybody gets in the same house for a holiday.

We look forward to going home after work and to some t show that has us hooked on a cliffhanger. We are always looking forward, always pushing forward. We always want more, to be more, to see more. pushing, longing, wanting for more or at least wanting something different than what we have now.

Tomorrows greatest crime is that it robs us of today. It robs us of fully understanding and realizing the blessings of right here and now. I am not really speaking of being content, but being cognizant. Some folks today is much better than they realize. That smile on a four year old’s face that only a daddy can bring is something that you need to get today. Tomorrow may not have that for you.

Tomorrow won’t give you that great feeling of accomplishment of finally removing the training wheels and riding on your own for the first time. Tomorrow will never replace the great feeling of being with friends on summer day just sharing the struggles of growing up.

Too often we have our eye on where we want to go…so you may not be happy with where you are…but never be so consumed by tomorrow that you can’t even experience today.

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