There are many issues to preach on. However, sometimes when we preach on issues we are not really preaching sermons. What we say may be enlightening, it may be helpful, but is it truly a sermon?

In this article, I want to give some rules to keep in mind when preaching on issues.

It is Still a Sermon

You are preaching a sermon. By that I mean all of the “rules” are still in effect. You still need a solid gospel claim. You still need to celebrate the Good News. You still need to solidly exegete the scripture.

In other words, you cannot simply tell the truth about a particular issue and sit down, sermons require that the truth be experienced by the people and that it be related to Gospel truth. As one preacher said, what you are saying may be “true” but is it “the Truth!” In other words don’t just give truthful facts, instead give very important TRUTH that people can live by.

Do not Celebrate Punishment or Condemnation in the Celebration

There may be times in your sermon when you must refer to condemnation, but preachers should always remember that this is God’s “strange act.” ISA 28:21-22. God takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked and neither should we.

The celebration is that portion of the sermon that is dedicated to celebrating the good news. Do not use it as a place to celebrate the destruction of evil doers. Find more at this link:

Don’t Only Deal in Negative

When you are teaching on issues, we can often spend all of our time talking about how something is not good. However, we should spend some time speaking on the good alternative to that which we are preaching against.

Remember God’s Creative Power to Change and Transform.

Finally, never paint a picture as so dire that God can not or will not do anything about the issue. God is always bigger than our problem or issue. God’s ability to create out of nothing means that we do not have to be able to see it before it comes. God can and does make something out of nothing. And remember where sin abounds Grace doth much more abound, so if you see racism, that means that grace is somewhere you just have to find it. If you see militarism, then you gotta keep looking to see what God is doing. Always remember God’s creative power to transform.

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  1. I have learned how to prepare and structure my sermons since I have been reading your Newsletters and visiting your website. Thank you.

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