What are the methods for Preaching Without Notes? Learn the answer in this video.

3 thoughts on “Methods for Preaching Without Notes

  1. this website is a blessing to me. it has make my sermons richer and more meaningful. sometimes all we need is to be trained in the right way and we can be good preachers that people will listen to. thanks and may God continue to bless u

  2. Around 10yrs ago, because of bad memory due to drug abuse,I was speaking at a homeless shelter.The Lord was taking the message in a direction away from my notes so much I became. frustrated. Finally I threw the notes onto the floor. God was showing me how to trust in Him. No longer do I use notes. As a previous intervert using liquid for courage, to one standing without notes had to be God. I’m not against one using notes. I’m just telling of my experience and the freedom as well as watching lives being touched under the anointing of Christ like never before. Jay

  3. in the class at cbs (College of Bibcial Studies ) we are asked to preach 2 sermons without notes . The prof said if we even bring notes up to the desk we auotmaticily failed the class. He told us to gsin the attention of whom we are speaking with we must do so by looking at them and not at the paper . It is a great cause for study but also leaves no room for the power of the Holy Ghost .

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