Thanks to the TheoCentric Blog for a pointer to this article by Michael S. Horton entitled “Are you in God’s story or is God in Yours?”

Horton writes in part:

“When we try to fit God into our “life movie,” the plot is all wrong—and not just wrong, but trivial. When we are pulled out of our own drama and cast as characters in his unfolding plot, we become part of the greatest story ever told. It is through God’s word of judgment (law) and salvation (gospel) that we are transferred from our own “life movie” and inserted into the grand narrative that revolves around Jesus Christ.”

God in Our Story? Us in God’s Story?

To many of us preach a gospel that places God into our story. Jesus is like a Cosmic wonder who gives us all that we want. Our lives are not changed, we just have more “stuff” in our life. We still are in control. We still live the life we want to live.

Is it About You?

However, Horton reminds us that the purpose of Christianity is not to inject God into our lives but primarily to transform us and then place us into the grand narrative of Jesus Christ.

I ask, is your gospel about Jesus or is it about you?

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