How should you end a sermon series? That is the question that the Biblical Preaching blog deals with in its latest post. Pastor Mead provides three possibilities:

  1. Summarize the “end matter” in the last sermon.
  2. Dedicate a full sermon to the “end matter”
  3. Review the whole series in the final sermon.

Now Mead is explicitly speaking of preaching through an expository series based on a book of the Bible, but it can be helpful in any sermon series.

I think that the first option can be problematic in, as Mead notes, it is possible to not give the “end matter” the time it deserves.

The one that appeals to me most, however, is the third option. Here you include not just the “end matter” but a reminder of everything you have discussed in the series.

I would encourage you all to go read Mead’s helpful post to begin thinking about ending your sermon series.

2 thoughts on “Ending the Sermon Series

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