SpeakerOne of the most important requirements for preachers who have the audacity to stand in a pulpit is to “say something important.” Those three words alone if followed would help preachers preach effective and powerful sermons that apply to the hopes, dreams,and needs of their congregation.

Preach Something

The first part of this statement is to “say something.” Have you ever listened to a preacher who spent too much time either giving the background of the text or had so many equivocations and explanations that there didn’t seem to be a guiding point?

Preachers must have the audacity to say “This is the Word of God for the people of God…” “This is what God said…” and yes, “This is what God is saying…” This is a powerful and awesome responsibility to speak the “oracles of God,” but it is one we must do if we are true to our calling as Christian clergy.

Yes we must tell the word something!

Preach Important Truth

Next, we must say something “important.” What we preach must be truth, but truth is not enough. It must be a valuable truth. It must be a truth that is truly needed by the congregation right now. It is a truth that is based in the Word. It must be based in the clashing of the Biblical record and present human circumstances.

If you are going to preach based in what Truth is not enough, it must be important. And this importance supersedes the call of the self-help guru. We are not called to simply preach a word that makes people feel better about themselves. We are not called to simply preach a word that causes people to shout. No we are not called to preach a word that even makes people thing. We are called to preach a word that the world needs at this very hour. We are called to say “thus saith the Lord.” We are called to give a message that God will use to prepare a people for the in-breaking kingdom of God.

Preach One Truth

Before I go, I must hasten to add an important point implicit in this statement. The statement says to “say something” and not to “say everything.” Some of us when we stand to preach think that we are professors giving lectures of facts that the people must remember for a test that will be graded by the one who will determine if we know all that we should know.

Please tell your people one major point in your sermon. Apply it well to the circumstances of your people. Celebrate the truth of that major point. And then next week bring another point to add to the arsenal of your members. Remember preaching is a marathon not a sprint.

Over the course of your many years of preaching you will foster a change for the better amongst your people. So preach something, preach an important message, and finally preach one message.

11 thoughts on “Preach Something Important

  1. Joseph P. Deck III says:

    This article is relevant because so often we forget the importance of proving the simple proposition of the sermon and not propositions. Guiding the listeners to that proposition as you prove it by the truth of the text will enlighten and transform their thinking. The histrionics is wonderful to a point as long as it supports your proposition. Lingering there provides a way of escape for the hearer to get a lot of facts, but not a lot of living truth to set them free.

    Joseph P. Deck, III
    Minister to Men
    Reid Temple AME Church

  2. Deborah Higgs says:

    It is good when men and women of God can realize that the Word of God transform people. Most of the there are person who come the the church hoping to a positive word because they want to change their life style. When the word of God comes with clarity and understanding it will enable one to realize that we were all born in sin and shaped in iniquity – but that Jesus Christ came to redeem us from our sinful nature. I honesty hope that preachers, teachers, evangelists etc would come to realize that the work of Jesus must continue so that souls would come to Christ whole heartly and that they would walk in the fear of God, knowing that asking God for wisdom to serve Him is vital in this time not preprositioning of the word and hoopla’s…

  3. Min. CJ Braxton says:

    As I am preparing my sermon for this coming Sunday I opened my email.. God’s timing is perfect. I teach Adult Sunday School and sometimes find myself when I should be preparing a sermon, i’m actually preparing a SundaySchool Lesson: The two are not the same! Gentle reminders can never run dry. I appreciate the articles found here. Many thanks and keep them coming.

    Min. CJB
    First Baptist Cathedral Of Westbury
    Bishop Lionel Harvey, Senior Pastor and Presiding Prelate of Sword of the Spirit Christian Fellowship Inc.

  4. Now I realized that people don’t go to church just to listen. They go there to look for solutions confronting their present lives in accordance with what the Bible says. It is up to us preachers to feel the needs of the congregation collectively and individually. Nice article and reminder. God bless!

  5. In studying the text I prayerfully ask the Lord what is the message for His people. When He gives the message, then I know that is the main point. Good article.

  6. Sylvester Warsaw, Jr. says:

    Once agin, Brother Preacher, you’ve done an excellent job. I can only add that the hearts of man, meaning women as well, is still the same. The Preacher under the influence of the Holy Spirit must address issues of the heart. The heart is where we live. Jesus addressed issues of the heart. Anything less isn’t preaching, just, another motivational speech. God’s transforming power starts with the heart.

  7. charles h. collins sr. says:

    That’s good advice to young and old alike. Our people are hungry for a needfull word for the now. not a lecture on the bible. keep on keep on my brother. peace and love.

  8. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:

    You have succinctly stated what I have tried to say in the article. “our people are hungry for a needful word…not a lecture on the Bible.”

  9. Good Advice. I’ve come to learn people want bible facts along with real life application. it does not take 2.5 hours to get that point across. it makes more sense to create a serise over a period of time.


  10. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:

    Yes, from my perspective, many sermons actually are a sermon series in disguise. As one preacher has said, we often overestimate the good one sermon can do, while we underestimate the good preaching over a course of months will do.

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