To be honest, I have been in a very cynical mood about preaching as of late. What are we doing and why are we doing it!? Those two questions have caused me to go back and attempt to re-think this site and my work to this point. As I thought about these questions a saying came to mind…you might even call it a mantra. What is it?

Preach Something Significant!

Yes, please stop preaching what you saw on TV or what you heard on the radio! You know it seems, in many cases, that we preachers have become simply parrots of the prevailing order. We are “ditto heads” spouting the status quo.

Preachers Tell Us What Is Important

If one wanted to find the biggest problem in Christianity then listen to the preachers. Whatever most preachers are avoiding in their sermons. Whatever most preachers are not addressing. Those things are probably going to be the things that are most needed today.

Oh yes, we preachers often demonstrate what is important by our avoiding certain subjects to ensure our popularity. If legalism is the great problem of the day, then you will probably find a majority of preachers preaching against the evils of lawlessness and the need to “tow the line.”

What If Legalism Isn’t The Problem?

However, if the opposite is the problem. If lawlessness runs rampant. If people live as if Christianity has nothing at all to do with contemporary living. If we have our musicians thanking God for the strength to make music that demeans our women and glorifies the worst in our community while gyrating in scantily clad adornment. Then you will have preachers condemning as legalists those who see this mess.

In other words, you have what you have now! Preacher preaching against the evils of legalism and condemning the alleged “pharisees in the church” while not saying a mumbling word about the perveuyers of evil and wickedness in our church and community. That aint prophetic! That ain’t what you were called to do.

No…stop preaching what is easy. Stop preaching what everybody else is preaching! Preach the truth! Preach Something Significant!

The Truth Hurts

This is certainly gonna make some folks mad and angry, but if you are gonna preach something significant then somebody is gonna get mad. Change can’t come while you are kissing behinds. Significant Preaching requires letting people know the real demands of the God’s Coming Kingdom. Significant preaching requires letting people know how to become a member of God’s Coming Kingdom. Yes forgiveness is a part of Significant preaching but so are ethics. Yes grace is a part of Significant preaching but so is a changed life.

If your religion can’t change the way you live down here, why do you think it will translate you into paradise in the life to come? No, I want a religion that has the power to change me. I want to sing with the Hawkins Singers, “A Change has come over me!” I want to “look at my hands and they looked new, then look at my feet, and they did to!” Preach that! Preach something significant.

Stop telling the people about the cars and boats and houses they will get when they “plant a seed.” Stop telling the people about “getting their stuff back from the devil.” No, instead why don’t you preach the gospel of the kingdom!

The Famine

Amos 8:11 says

Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

We are here now. We have preaching everywhere. It is on the internet, on the radio, and on the television airwaves. And in the midst of all of this too many of us preachers are contributing to the famine. Let us as preachers stop contributing to the famine. My sisters and brothers, that is where we are now. And it is time to stand up and start preaching it before it is too late.

Preach Something Significant!

12 thoughts on “Preach Something Significant

  1. Minister Evangeline says:

    Preach something significant. I love the phrase. So many times we preach what we think the people want to hear instead of preaching what the Holy Spirit has placed in our spirit to preach. Thanks for reminding me to preach something significant. If I preach what the Holy Spirit has given me to preach it will be something significant. It is not always easy to stand alone and preach things that people really don’t want to hear. People want to hear that moneyd is coming. I am in a dry place right now with my ministry. But I will remember to preach something significant which will always point me back to why I am doing what God called me to do in the first place.

  2. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:

    the thing that is very interesting about this “your money cometh” theology is that it doesn’t even work. The people are still poor and they don’t hear anything of substance from the preacher either…

  3. Minister Evangeline says:

    your right about “your money cometh” theology not working. Then what do the people do when the money don’t come. We must preach the word and we must preach it in truth. When the money don’t come people are turned away from God.

  4. Ptr Roger Abuloc says:

    Yes indeed, preaching is not only situational but current happening, to the needs of the people especially to those who are hurting and hungry for the Word. I have preached to a very depressed place and my message was the causes for their poverty and want and how they can reverse the situation by turning to Jesus Christ and the Good News. Treat these people with compassion and love. This is the Great Commission is all about.

  5. Thank you for what I call the “preacher’s poke. I am reading this as I am praying and preparing for a missionary workshop today where God has changed my focus from “poor pitiful me in grief” to “time to get up and go after grief” and I was worried that it would be too different . I opened up the email and the message was for me today.

  6. tom edwards says:

    Some of us as men and women of God sad to say have become like the reptile the turns brown when in a brown enviroment and green when in green surrounding. But I believe that its time to cry loud and spare not, exort, reprove, and rebuke. I was at the car wash and i was conversing with a preacher from one of the main line demonation.He was relating to me that the church provided a parsonage, liberal salary and the only thig he had to purchase was his car. Then he hung his head and said you don’t know what it’s like when the board have you in their pocket. Many time preachers preach cake and ice cream because we’ve become accustom to a certian lifstyle and fear losing our jobs. Shame on us the Lord says in no uncertain terms ” My preacher are dumb dogs that can not bark as the enemy come into the camp” My prayer is that some preacher will see himself in this blog and repent

  7. Okay then, so as an associate minister, are you saying to me to go ahead and whip the wolves? Why, the pastor just ignores those things that are significant, those wrongs that happen right up under his nose. Folk going to other churches more than they come to their “home” church; ministry leaders that don’t lead; deacons and musicians and choir members that don’t show up and when they do show up they are unconcerned. As an associate minister, should I just go ahead and pull my belt off even when the pastor doesn’t pull his off?

  8. Thank for this provoking post concerning preaching. Pastors and members alike need to be reminded that the Word of God is for instruction and correction. I am asking the Lord to help me to deal with the significant matters in the Bible and to preach it with boldness.

  9. I think your cynicism hath inspired me.
    Okay, I know it has.
    And I thank you sir.
    My problem is, Mostly all my sermons I have written,
    are somewhat untypical/oddball/ needs to be said.
    That is the only need i see. THE TRUTH.
    Indeed I have been called to preach.
    I am somewhat ready.[scared] ha ha.
    Your posts are quite inspirational, I must say.
    I have been sitting on several sermons, That if named, would cause an uproar. So be it. I see the same needs as you do.
    Praise the Lord for (your)cynicism.Zeusage

  10. Rhonda Grant Jordan says:

    Thank-you, as a minister,the sermons given to me by the Holy Spirit, dealt with issues and themes that many do not want to address. Yet, I have been told by some that my sermons are too hard for the people and I should be preaching on how to live on a daily basis. That is just what I do, but my focus is living the way that Jesus Christ has called us to live and to be witnesses of the truth and to live the truth. I am determined to preach the Word that God gives for I know that it is to point people to the cross and to His Kingdom. I love God and His people and as a minister of the gospel,that love must be translated so others will come running asking what must I do to be saved.

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