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A while ago someone came up to me and said that they remembered a sermon that was preached about 7 or 8 years ago. They said that the sermon inspired them to go ahead and move forward into God’s purpose for their life. They are forever grateful that God spoke through that sermon.

I hear stories like this all the time. God does use our preaching to effect change. God does use our preaching to cause people to live a better life than they otherwise would. There are people who are presently members of the Kingdom of God because of what God did through some of our sermons. Sermons have shaken kingdoms.

Oh yes, God uses sermons to bless us in powerful ways. I’m talking about the sermon that God used to help you through a particularly trying time. You know where the preacher seemed to know your story exactly and applied the “Balm of Gilead” that strengthened your soul.

Yes, you also know the rod that came from a preacher who could not possibly know your story, but God used that preacher to chastise and inspire you to better living.

And what about the sermons that provide a picture of a better life? God uses sermons! We preachers sometimes fall short. We preachers sometimes miss the mark. Sometimes we end up pandering to our people. Sometimes we lose our way and attempt to merely get someone to shout. But I can tell you today that great preaching matters. Great preaching is worth the effort. Significant preaching will make a difference here and forever.

Your people are longing, praying, and hoping for some significant preaching. And this weekend, many of us will give that Word of life to those who desperately need it.

Preaching Matters….Let us Preach like it does…

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  1. I’am a youth of 19 years of age, for many years God has been training me ,and now I’am getting ready to open a youth group, preaching really matters, and when God direct you towards the way you should preach,then God will surely reveals himself to his people

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