[amazon cover 0801057574]One of the important components of effective preaching is to help the congregation experience the sermon in as many sense as possible, not just hear the sermon. This book by Warren Wiersbe entitled Preaching and Teaching with Imagination provides an apologetic for using the imagination in preaching.

After that, Wiersbe travels through the whole Bible looking at the major themes and images and pictures found in the different books. This book is a fantastic addition to any preacher’s library. If you are called to “tell the story” or preach the narratives of the Bible, then you need Wiersbe’s book. Black preachers will be especially helped because they are often judged by how well they help people experience the Bible story. Wiersbe provides a resource to help us do just that.

Get the book. In addition, I would encourage you to read our series on improving storytelling in preaching at the following links: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V. You may also be interested in our post on Dr. Frederick D. Haynes’ approach to story telling in sermons.

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