[amazon cover B000000QMM]Everyone has heard of Sam Cooke. Many Gospel music lovers know that he began in Gospel singing some of the greatest songs that can even still be heard today.

From “Wonderful” to “Jesus be a Fence to Touch the Hem,” you can still hear the music made and remade. However few know of the man that influenced both Cooke and much of Gospel music. The man’s name is R. H. Harris. Cooke followed R. H. Harris in the Soul Stirrers.

You can listen to an audio podcast on the Down in the Flood website. The podcast provides commentary on the contributions of R. H. Harris to that influential group that made Sam Cooke famous.

Listen to the soaring movement in and out of the falsetto by R. H. Harris on the audios. In addition listen to Paul Foster trading lines with Harris like he later did with Cooke. You also might want to purchase an album of Harris’ contributions to the Soul Stirrers from amazon.com entitled [amazon title B000000QMM].

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