The Biblical Preaching blog has a post up on Preaching an epistle as a story. I think this is a very effective way to help the people understand these components of the Bible story.

When one does adequate exegesis of the text for preaching, one should have a good idea of the story behind the text. Why not look at that story as a possibility to preach?

One might even go further and preach the story of the author who put together the story that is under consideration. One might look into why Luke put a particular story in one section of the book while John put it elsewhere or did not include it at all. Such possibilities provide a way to help the congregation learn Biblical exegesis in a fresh way.

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  1. Nice articles. I’m going to add this website as a link in

    My first concern is for national pastors who are nonliterate or untrained to be able to preach a Bible passage for their mostly nonliterate congregations so those folks can go and tell their neighbors what they are hearing.
    The second concern is for those pastoring U.S. churches where there are significant numbers of oral learners or postmoderns who relate well to stories but not to being told what to believe or do.

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