I wanted to answer a question related to our very well received article entitled “Preach Something Significant.” Many readers saw this as a needed corrective to a lot of the preaching that we see today that does not address things that ultimately matter.

One question was “Should we preach somethign significant when the senior pastor does not pull out the belt and whip the people?”

The question demonstrates a misconception of “significant preaching.” The questioner seems to confuse significant preaching with “whipping the people. No, preaching something significant does not necessarily mean whipping the people. Some preachers only do this and can beat the life out of a congregation. I address this on Youtube in a video entitled “Always Beating Up The People.”

No, I am talking about preaching something that matters beyond how much money you are making or which car you will drive. No, I am talking about preaching God’s kingdom and how we join that kingdom and how being a member of that kingdom changes our living in this world. This includes what I vote for, what do I eat, what do I drive? as well as many other questions. Ultimately What difference does it make that I am a member of God’s kingdom? A Christianity that does not affect these things and others is not worth anything.

So, Significant Preaching reminds us that even if we don’t whip the people we can help people to understand living God’s life in this world. Stop preaching what is on television or because you are trying to move up the ladder. Instead preach something significant. Yes, Preach the Word!!! 2 Timothy 4:2.

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