Black Man ListentingOn the Biblical Preaching blog, the author is currently in a series about the different listeners in our sermons. Who is listening? There is the community of faith, not yet believers, angels, demons, and God. The preacher must be mindful of all of these ears when preaching. If not, then we will have a truncated message that only addresses a part.

There are sermonic methodologies that only address preaching to believers. Other’s spend the lion-share of their time addressing the not yet believers. Some address those who they do not ever expect to be believers. Then there are a few who openly preach for and to the spirit realm. But to preach fully, we preach to and for all who hear.

As I think on this topic, I am reminded of the vast importance of sermon planning. In my current sermon planning presentation, I talk about the importance of addressing the real needs of the people who are hearing you. After reading Peter Mead’s presentation, I am struck by the need to think more about the breadth of that community.

As always, we must come face to the face with the reality that preaching is more than we can do. We need supernatural power and as I wrote just a few days ago, we need prayer to saturate the planning, preparing, and presenting of our sermons.

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