United in sorrowBlessings are great. We all want to be blessed. But, Proverbs 27:14 reminds us that it is not always the right time for even a blessing. In our text the sleeping may not want to be shaken out of a restful sleep to hear your loud pronouncements of blessing. Such blessings can easily be identified as a curse.

When it time for sleeping, let the one sleep. Sleeping has benefits and is a basic need for the human body. However, someone might feel the need to wake up the sleeper to give her a blessing.

Yes this is a common occurrence. Maybe not while literally sleeping, but often we find people giving us “blessings” when they are either not needed or not helpful.

Even when the sentiment we are preaching is true, we still might be giving the “blessing” at the wrong time. How many have been told to keep their chin up because God will be a “doctor in the sick room” right when the person has not even dealt with the reality of the terminal diagnoses? It might be the wrong time for that word.

How many have been told to “stop crying for the dead spouse because you will see them again” either during the funeral sermon or by a saint during the transition to life without a life-long love?

How many are told to not despair because God has something better, right when they are coming face to face with the breakup of their spouse or fiance?

Certainly there is a time at some point to resolutely face the reality of an altered future, but as the saying goes, “Timing is Everything.” If you come yelling about God’s blessing at the wrong time, do not be surprised if you are met exactly as you would be if you yelled at midnight to wake up a sleeping saint just to tell them that “God is Good.”

Tese sentiments may be true, but just as the blessing that wakes the sleeper is the wrong time and it becomes a curse, so does our promises of God’s aid at the wrong time. Certainly we should and must bless folks, but what this text tells me is to make sure that the blessing is at the right time, or it will become a curse to the one receiving it.

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