In this video, Elder Cox discusses one of the errors that is prevalent in some of our pulpits.

5 thoughts on “Pulpit Errors – Do You Only Beat Up The People?

  1. Ptr. Rizal Asuncion says:

    Thanks for the Vedeo, “Do you only beat up the people?”Yes, we should not emphasize the negative; rather we mention the negative, the sin that people often do and emphasize that this sin should not be done but instead do what is pleasing to the Lord. Then celebrate with the joy of doing what pleases God.

  2. Rev T. Shelton says:

    If we are going to beat the people up about what is they may or may not be doing, then we need to make sure we offer a viable, motivational, solution to whatever the subject is. Negativism pushes people away, and if one is not careful one might be found standing all alone. Great video.

  3. Sylvester Warsaw, Jr. says:

    The unfortunate reality is that many Pastor’s/preachers associate negative preaching with being in the Prophetic Tradition and that comes from a lack of knowledge and understanding. Even more troubling is what is the motive of the Pastor who only highlights the negative and what is their life-style like? Unfortunately, it has been my experience that Pastor’s who focus only on the negative have an issue of control and have an unhealty self esteem and their life-style is unhealthy meaning contrary to God.

  4. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:

    I didn’t think about that alleged connection between “negativity” and the “prophetic impulse.” You are right. Many preachers would associate this with prophetic preaching. I really need to talk on the distinction…

    Thank you for adding that nuance…

  5. Pastor who preaches negative thoughts usually mirror his inner-self under the guise of the word of God. It is not preaching but only echoing what’s bothering him at that particular time. When he tells his problem to the congregation, they normally could not relate to him.

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