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mindsetTo this point we have looked at poor methods of relevance. Now I want to look at a better method. This is where you take the doctrine and show its significance for our lives. Granted this significance may be today or tomorrow or even in the future. It may be fitting us for the coming kingdom. It may be helping us usher in the coming kingdom. Ultimately, I am not talking about only things that make us live better in the present dispensation. I am talking about how the doctrine either promotes or accomplishes a change in mindset that is necessary for Christians to be better citizens of God’s kingdom. The Bible says “be not conformed by this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). It is our job to demonstrate how our doctrines do these things.

Note that we are not simply ignoring how the doctrine affects our living as one method does. Neither are we simply saying “You must believe the doctrine or else.” Finally, we are not saying “Hey I told you the doctrine, now it is on you.” No we go the extra mile and demonstrate how the doctrine promotes God’s coming kingdom in the lives of the people.

For example, let us take the trinity. Does the inner workings of the Godhead demonstrate something about how God’s people are to relate to one another? Does the harmonious unity of the Father, Son, and Spirit point towards something that the people of God should be working towards? Does the scriptures provide glimpses of how to get there?

Another example is the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. Does the reality that Jesus is coming change the way we live? Do we live as if this present order is to continue forever? Do we simply follow the attitude of consumption that the present order seems to be pressing on our people?

Simply put, I believe that all of our doctrines are relevant. It is on us to demonstrate this relevance by hard work and a keen eye towards the lives of our people. When you do that, your people will leave not simply knowing something with their head, but they also leave ready to do something.

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