It has happened to all of us.

We get into the pulpit with a little more confidence than we aught to have and begin to preach.

We stand up like we always do and we begin to preach. However, the people don’t respond. Nobody appears to be hearing a thing we have prepared.

In non-technical terms we layed an egg or as some say, we went to flunkersville.

Most of us have been there. It is not a good feeling, however today I want to talk to you about the benefits and blessings of flunkersville.

I hear someone asking, “What are you talking about blessings? Didn’t you mean to use another word.”

Naw, I said exactly what I meant to say. There are some definite blessings. For example, if you never went to flunkersville then you might begin to think that the power in your messages originate with you and not that mysterious combination of God working and using you.

In short, you are important. God wants to use you specifically in the sermon prep, presentation, and planning processes, but don’t get it twisted, it is still God’s message through you that provide the power.

Another benefit of flunkersvile is that it reminds you that you need to prepare more adequately. I ain’t gonna lie, when I go to flunkersville, a lot of the time it is because I didn’t prepare like I should have. I began to think “I got this” and forget that preparation is so important.

A final benefit of flunkersville is that it dramatically tells you that you are very dependent on God in all of our life including the pulpit.

Yep, flunkersville can be beneficial to you. But that don’t mean you have to go there. My full course, Supercharge Your Sermons, was designed to specifically keep you out of flunkersville. Check it out here