The Jazz Theologian asks this interesting question, “Is Jazz the Ubuntu of America?” This is his current series. Ubuntu is an African word that means, “I am who I am becuase of other people.” Desmond Tutu, according to the post, states that “I am human becuase I belong. I participate. I share.” It emphasizes connectedness. This way of thinking is where the whole idea of “It Takes a Villiage” comes from. Sometimes it can be hard to think about this concept in America where we emphasize individuality. But if it is hard to understand we need some way of translating the concept into this culture. The Jazz Theologian thinks that Jazz might be the way to translate this concept.

As preachers we have the calling to preach about the coming Kingdom of God. This Kingdom is a community of love. As has been said before love requires more than one. Thus in a sense we need one another to have this kingdom. As preachers we must preach about this kingdom. If you can’t find any other metaphor for this perhaps Jazz and Ubuntu might be a way to demonstrate this important concept.

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