blackstudyIt is interesting how many budding preachers turn on the television and think that copying the various personalities is effective preaching.   They end up with superficial copies of some preachers.  Sometimes they even copy preachers with incorrect or superficial theology.  So you end up with a superficial copy of a superficial original.  Certainly I am not saying that all television preachers are superficial or wrong, but there are many that are.  So what can you do?

You can be trained.  Now I do not wish to argue that seminary is required, although it can be very helpful, but I do wish to argue that you need to begin a lifelong training program if you going to be an effective communicator of the Gospel.  So what do I need?

1) Preaching Training.  Learn how to put together an effective sermon.  Learn the fundamentals of an effective sermon.  Learn how to preach in such a way as to encourage understanding of the message.  You can find a number of books that will help you in this endeavor.  I would encourage you to sign up for my own Supercharge Your Sermons course and/or download our free ebook You Can Preach: 7 Steps to an Effective Sermon.  If you do these things you will be well on the way to constructing effective sermons.

2)Bible Training.  Learn the contents of the Bible.  What was said and where.  All of these things will inform your preaching.  Start a Bible in a year program.  Read it daily.  Read it for sermon ideas as well as for inspiration.  Read the Bible!  Let me also encourage you to do a forgotten practice…Memorize Scriptures.  You may have done it when you were young, start doing it again.

3)Theological Training.  Learn the basic teachings of the Bible.  What does the Bible teach?  How does the Bible Teach it.  What are your denominational teachings?  How do they inform your understanding?  Are you in agreement with them?  Why or why Not?  These are some of the questions that will indirectly inform your preaching and provide depth.  Read a  theology text and some of your denominational literature.

4)Christian History.  Some hate history, but it will provide depth to your sermons.  It will also help you to understand the same basic questions that come up over and over in history.  It would also be helpful to know about your denominational history.  Read a book here.

5)Pastoral Care. All preachers are not pastors, but most are assumed to know how to do some basic pastoral care.  Once again.  There are a number of books on the subject that can help you in this.  People will come to you wondering how they can make the principles you spoke of in your message real in their lives.   You need to spend a bit of time understanding this question if possible.

Great preaching doesn’t happen immediately.  It takes time.  And over time you will get better and better.  Begin a training program that will make you a well rounded preacher.  This will help you be more true to your God and the people you serve.

4 thoughts on “You Need Training – A Basic Program

  1. sir,
    I found this opportunity by the grace of God and hopefully i applied for the student who is poor to deposit the monthly fee for study while you will support then he will able to bring other shepherds
    before him.
    thank you
    Joseph panigrahi

  2. I just want to say Thank You! I’m new in the ministry and sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but your teaching helps me to know that the things that I struggle with are not uncommon.
    I appreciate you so much and I hope that God will continue to Bless and use you even more in this incredible ministry. I hope that I can take the tools that you have shared and use them to strengthen my ministry, and reach more souls with greater understanding.

    Thank You Again

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