Acts 1:12-26

Two individuals were chosen by the group as possible replacements for Judas. One Matthias and the other Justus. Both Matthias and Justus were only mentioned in the Bible in this one place, but they stood with Jesus and followed for the whole time. We know that they both were true followers. They had been with the movement from the baptism of John through the great difficulties of the death and resurrection.

We learn about the lot being cast and that the apostles were happy that the scripture was fulfilled and yet we see nothing more about either one. One might wonder why such an occurance is even in the scriptures.

For some reason the story of Justus calls me. Here was an individual who had been there and now was the possibility that he might become a part of that inner group. No doubt he had looked on on many occasions only to be placed back in the front lines to do the work that needed to be done by the other disciples that were not apostles. Perhaps he longed for the companionship, closeness, and no doubt noteriety of being in that elite 12. Now a lot was cast against him.

No doubt if he had been through all that had happened to that point he still stood firm in the Jesus movement, but there surely had to be disappointment. I definitely know and understand Justus. Justus is all of us who have done work for the master and do not think we get what we deserve. Sometimes it seems as though a lot is cast against us and others get the place that we want.

I don’t know what happened to Justus, but I do know that God has called me to be a true desciple even if I never become an apostle. Even if the lot doesn’t fall on my name, God still calls us and I pray that I will be true to God even if the story of Justus becomes my story.

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