Psalm 2

Why do the nations Conspire against the Lord and The Lord’s Annointed? This question has got to be a rhetorical question. Why do they conspire? They conspire because they are wicked. They conspire because they do not like what God is doing in the world. They conspire because God is threatening their hold on the world.

Yes the nations conspire against the Lord and our scripture tells us that God is going to set up God’s annointed to bring down these powers. Then the Psalm turns to these leaders and appeals to them, stand with God or be destroyed.

Be wise and be warned, the annointed will overtake your kingdom and it will be up to you what you will do. What will great leaders do? Will they submit to the power of God or not? Will they continue to conspire against God and God’s power?

What will you do? What will I do? Will I recognize God’s power and plan on my own life or will I continue to conspire against God’s plan? Why do the nations Conspire? Why do I conspire? Will I contine to conspire?

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