I must admit that I am impressed by these brothers at Reformed Blacks of America. They are seeking to push African Americans in that movement to apply the Gospel to their own context and not simply regurgitate the pre-packaged presentations of our white colleagues.

I would encourage you to read the whole entry, but of special interest are the 4 traits of Radical Reformed Churches.

(1) Radical Black Reformed churches engage, explore, enter and re-caste the Black experience in America with the gospel of grace and the redemptive mission of the Kingdom.

(2) Radical Black Reformed Churches preach and teach in the vernacular language of the people.

(3) Radical Black Reformed Churches create and inspire Christian communities that are involved in local neighborhood mission.

(4) Radical Black Reformed Churches pursue unity with other Christians whenever possible on local levels so that Reformed theology is influencing churches at large.

I ain’t Reformed but these brothers are pushing me to look at the books they suggest.

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